Thumb Drives

We stream 100% of our videos to give you the easiest access to get them from any device you have on the go directly from your email! We also do this to protect ourselves from thievery and copyright infringement that can happen so easily with the type of products we have . But we understand that there are some folks out there who may not have a strong enough internet connection to watch a streaming video. In most cases, if you can watch YouTube smoothly you will be able to watch our videos as well. But in those rare situations we do want to offer an option to help.

Please contact us at and let us know what videos you would like us to ship you on a small thumb drive that you can easily plug into your computer and watch on your media player. We do require a minimum of 5 videos to send you a thumb drive. We will give you a quote for the price and shipping once we know what videos you would like.

Thumb Drives usually ship out within 7 business days.