“Being an Apprentice Bladesmith and doing my best to support a family with a demanding job, time is very precious. The videos produced by Knifemaker training save me hours of sifting though info on the web which allows more time in the shop. Some of the tutorials have been a great refresher for topics Ed covered during my Bladesmithing class while others are new info. These videos have become a valuable tool in my shop and save me more money than they cost. Keep em’ coming boys, I’m hungry!”

-Matt Kirby

“I have been making Knives for a little over a ear. I have learned so much from Ed off of the various knife making forums and when KnifeMaker Training was announced, I knew I would be a follower. Ed’s willingness and style of teaching is so easy to learn from, that I have been able to build knives that would have taken me much more time to make and with fewer mistakes. The quality of my knives has definitely improved because of KnifeMaker Training. Thanks Ed and Tim.”

-Gene Kimmi

“I was the first purchased of the first video several months ago. My life is so crazy at this point that I am falling behind in watching the content, but every interaction with Ed and Tim has been fantastic. Ed says it how it is. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us new folks.”

-Mike Romo

We greatly appreciate everyone who gets in touch with us to let us know how our videos have helped them. If you have a testimonial feel free to email it to us at KnifeMakerTraining@gmail.com and we will do our best to get it in here!