Press Release


As I am sure many of you know. “KnifeMaker Training” began with a desire to spread Ed’s legacy in knife making. And we have come a long way from that time from little conversations and “what ifs” with him and I (Tim) sitting in his shop chewing the fat and discussing what if we were to start something of a “Master Class” teaching his techniques.  During that time Ed was pretty healthy and I was unemployed, which was a very useful pairing for us as we teamed up to make his training guides and bring our little dream to life. Ed and I are both incredibly proud of where we have come from and what we have had the honor to make, and we are also incredibly thankful for everyone who have joined in the legacy and impatiently awaited our next video guides and products.

We have stepped into a new season, not just with the corona virus, but also with Ed’s health, and my work schedule, and we have quickly learned that there is no guarantee of when I will be available, or when he will feel strong enough to film.  If you follow Ed on social medias you are probably feeling very pleased to see him producing new knives and staying busy in the shop. Our family is also incredibly proud of him but we are aware behind the scenes that those are some of his most difficult days with lots of breaks in between to complete what he does, and lots of days after of healing from the work done.  And we do ask for your continued prayer over him as he continues to utilize his strength.
As we have talked about this we are incredibly torn with Ed’s situation. As many of you know, knife making is Ed’s passion, but teaching this art form is just as strong a passion that he has not been able to do, and that has probably been more painful for Ed than anything else. KMT has given him that chance in the past, but recently has not been able to fill that void, and we are both desperate to see his teaching continue. But the uncertainty ahead, with the virus outbreak that keeps us quarantined from him, and also just his overall health and my schedule, leave us very little availability to put the weeks and months into production of new guides for KMT.

So in saying all that we want to give you an idea of the future of KMT looks like and hopefully give you a bit of hope while being honest of life that is going on behind the scenes for our family.

After a family chat this evening we have decided that KMT is going a new direction. One not that far from our original thoughts.  Our videos will remain up, and be for sale, and we will still offer our tools that we invented in Ed’s name. That side that has already been created will continue as we have been doing and are proud to offer. Where we will be seeing a change upcoming will be in the videos we produce in the future.  Due to the uncertainty we have already mentioned, and the time constraints we have, we will be focusing on shorter videos, tips and tricks, and hands on teaching guides that can be quicker to produce and release. This may actually mean much of our upcoming content may be offered for free on youtube instead of being purchasable.  We know we will most likely lose some income in the long run, but as always, though we are a business, the desire to spread Ed’s teaching is far more important to us, and we will seek other ways where if you wish to financially support our efforts, you can purchase some of our tools or possible apparel we may begin to offer, and in time, we do hope to get back to attempting to release Ed’s personal passion project, “Basic Bladesmithing”. For now we are simply attempting to find a way to get back to work and back to the passions we love to do as a team.
In saying all of this we are moving ahead and being completely honest when we say we do not know when we will be releasing new content, and I can say both for Ed and myself that we are incredibly dissatisfied with that reality. But we are hopeful that by simplifying our product, and making recording and production time shorter and more accessible. It will allow us to move ahead in a new avenue. We hope as you have always done, that you will continue on this journey with us as we step into a new era of KMT.
We want to thank you so deeply for your interest in KMT and we believe firmly that we are in this time for a reason, that God does not make mistakes, and that there are no accidents or random circumstances.  And our goal now it to seek how we can utilize this knowledge and time to continue our mission. To create a legacy of passion and joy for the craft of knife making in any way possible.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we wait impatiently to get started on this new path.
Tim and Ed