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Replace Glass Platen

I've recently moved and have been slowly working on getting the shop put together in between work travel.  I noticed that during the move, one of my glass platens got chipped.

It's attached with JB weld.  My thoughts are to heat it up with a torch and see if I can replace it, but it may just be easier to replace the angle iron the glass is welded to.  Any suggestions?



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I I remember correctly, JB has a fairly high temp rating?   I typically use Acraglas to "glue" on the glass to a platen face, and it will usually pop loose by the time the steel part of the platen face turns blue....with a propane torch, and the platen face laid across some wide open vise jaws. 

   Unless that chip is causing some issues, I'd leave it.  I had a glass face that I chips in nearly the same place.... and I ran it for about another year before it just bugged me enough to replace.     

   Speaking of glass platen faces, Beaumont/KMG is working on a protype face for the Caffrey Platen they are producing....... they are using 2 roll pins, evenly spaced at the bottom for a "shelf"........

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