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Post/Leg Vise Setup

I debated on where to post this on this forum, and thought this would be a good place as I'd like you to show off your creations!  Feel free to move this discussion to whichever place it fits best.

I stumbled across a really nice post/leg vise that needs to go to work in my shop.  Before I build something to bolt it to, I thought I'd ask this group to share your setup and/or ideas to mount these vises to.

Pictures are always great!

I'll get a pic and post it later of the way mine is setup, but I think much depends on the individual shop.  I have mine in a "socket" type arrangement, that is bolted into the concrete floor.  My original intent was to have it movable to where I needed it in the shop..... by having the "socket" bolted to the floor in different locations.

  Obviously I have a concrete floor, and used the expanding "anchor bolts",  but if the floor is "dirt", a large/strong/securely anchored "post" is the way to go.   I've also seen a number of folks mount their Post Vise to the corner of a welding table, or other large/heavy bench in proximity to the forge(s).

  For me the biggest thing was figuring out exactly where the vise should be... as in having it in proximity to the forge, yet not in my way.   It's really difficult to find that "sweet spot" if your Post Vise is the only one in the shop.  I never did find that spot, so I have a big machine vise near my MIG welder...which is the opposite end of the welding table from the forge.  I mounted the Post Vise on the other end, so I could have access to for forging needs.   If you've not mounted a Post Vise before, the height is just as critical as your Anvil's.  About elbow height, give or take for personal preference.   

Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith "The Montana Bladesmith" "Nobody Cares What you Know, Until they Know You Care!"

I've been overthinking where and how I wanted to mount this vise for way too long.  Finally decided it was useless to just have it standing in the corner.

Here is a pic of what I ended up building.  It's sure nice having the vise "running", but I do hate bolting things to the floor for obvious reasons.


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