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Oven types to use for tempering?

 Just throwing it out there for discussion..... what type of oven do you prefer for tempering...and why?

  I'll start.    I prefer a kitchen type electric oven, PROVIDED it is accurate, and holds even temps.  My "why" is very simple..... although I have everything available from toaster ovens to a Pargon heat treat kiln, I have always gotten the best results with an electric "kitchen" oven. 

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I use our kitchen stove. Powered by propane. It's about 15 years old, but holds temp within 5* +/- over the entire tempering cycle.

can't do much better then that !

I use a gas kitchen oven with a few fire bricks in the bottom for tempering.

My toaster oven only gets used for heating up kydex anymore.  Love the Paragon for 1500+ temps, but don't use it for tempering.

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