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Merry Christmas to Everyone!

Well, here it is Christmas Eve 2022!  Here's hoping that everyone has a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, and nothing but great things in the coming/new year!   

  The forums have been SLOW to say the least, which is mostly my fault for not getting on here and stirring things up! :)   Tim started a new job with the Great Falls Chamber of Commerce, so he's had zero time to film more videos....but hopefully we can squeeze some in here and there in the New Year.

  The most notable things for me in 2022 were....

  1.  After more than 4 years of monthly Benlysta infusions, my Doctor declared the Lupus is as much "in remission" at it will ever be.  I still have "episodes" with rapid weather changes, but that is something that will never go away.  I rarely have to spend days laid up on the couch anymore, which gives me that time in the shops.  Not sure if it's old age, Lupus, or a combo of the two.... but I find that I simply can't "go at it" as hard & fast as I once did, which of course is frustrating, because my brain says I still should be able to do what I did at 25.  
  2. After 35 years of Bladesmithing, I achieved one of my dreams.... being on the cover of a knife magazine!  I was pleasantly surprised when I was notified by the Folks at "Knife Magazine" of the May 2022 issue
  3. After approx a year of working out details, Beaumont Metal Works, the makers of the KMG series grinders (and much more) Unveiled the "Caffrey Platen" at the 2022 Blade Show!  It has been very well received, with sale being brisk!    Next, Beaumont will be offering a platen face, that is setup/ready to accept a glass face!  As of now, they are searching for a reliable source for the glass.  Once I know more, I'll be sure to let everyone know.
  4. Classes were once again brisk in 2022, and I see no reason why that will change in 2023.... however, as always, I'd advise anyone wanting to come to my shop for a class in 2023, to get signed up as soon as possible to secure the dates you desire.

 Finally, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone!  Most of you who will read this are more than acquaintances.... your family!   Merry Christmas from the Caffrey's, with Prayers for a prosperous New Year!

Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith "The Montana Bladesmith" "Nobody Cares What you Know, Until they Know You Care!"

Sent a well a MERRY CHRISTMAS to y'all.


Here's wishing all a safe and sane Xmas, a prosperous new year and hoping we keep our health. 

A bit late, but Merry Christmas Ed and to everyone. Brief, but we were able to catch up with kids in Colorado.

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