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Marking your Blades.... My Thoughts

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I like it Matt!   Just a thought.... be very careful about changing your mark down the line. 

There are two possibilities, depending on the level of notoriety you achieve.  1.  Those knives with the "old" mark start going to crazy money,  or 2. The perceived value of ALL your work nose dives.    The moral of the story being... choose the mark carefully because it's usually best to stick with it.

   On a side note.. I've finally had it with Mr. "Please look at my knives" advertiser.  If you notice he now carries a "Banned" placard.    People cannot follow simple rules..   

Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith "The Montana Bladesmith" "Nobody Cares What you Know, Until they Know You Care!"

To be honest, I hadn't given any thought to the possibilities you mentioned.  Thanks for sharing that info!  I do want my mark to be timeless and not trendy.  Although I have the new stencils on my bench I've yet to use it, so this discussion is timely.

Here were my thoughts behind the new mark:  The "ID" was added to serve as a placeholder during my apprenticeship and be somewhat of a timeline/block of time that a knife was made.  Anything with the old mark is "pre" JS performance test.  If I'm successful in my JS endeavor, those initials would replace the ID and serve as another placeholder and block of time.  The name, style, and font would remain the same.

It's funny how much thought goes into something so simple.  I hope this helps others in their own decision making process. 

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Ed Caffrey
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