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Marking your Blades.... My Thoughts

 So often I see decent looking knives, marked with some obscure logo, or even Initials.... Never have figured out why anyone with any level of professionalism would do that.   Here are my thought on marking blades:

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Zane Thompson
Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith "The Montana Bladesmith" "Nobody Cares What you Know, Until they Know You Care!"

I totally agree... For the Love of GOD... Put your name on your work!!!!!

Agree.  I've been marking my knives with my first and last name for the past few years.  I'm changing to a just a very basic M~Kirby on the ricasso or somewhere near the spine of other knives for now.


 I really like that idea/mark (K~Kirby)!    I have a gentleman here in the shop right now, and we discussed marking blades with the Maker's name.   I think it became clear when I said.... "Your name on a knife IS your advertisement."   In most cases, folks who see a knife, and whom consider buying one, will see the name, and as soon as possible with go to a google search and type that name in, along with the word "Knife" or "Knives"...... if the maker doesn't pop up somewhere on the first page....the individual will usually move along to someone else, that is easier to find.    

Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith "The Montana Bladesmith" "Nobody Cares What you Know, Until they Know You Care!"

Thanks Ed!

While we're on the topic, I have a question for the group.  Ya'll stamping or etching your work?

I'm currently etching my knives.  Keep in mind that I'm using 1084 and 80CrV2 exclusively right now, so nothing too fancy but amazing performance and finish.  As I begin progressing to damascus, I've thought of stamping due to visibility.  Thoughts or recommendations?

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