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Congratualtions Matt Kirby!

For passing his ABS JS performance test!  

  Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of overseeing/conducting Matt's ABS JS performance test.  What made Matt's test particularly impressive to me, was the fact that he did follow any one/single example, but took information from a number of sources, then DID HIS HOMEWORK, working out the variables, testing and adjusting in order to create a blade of 80CRV3 that not only passed the test, but did so as impressively as I've seen in my 23 years as a Mastersmith/overseeing JS and MS performance tests.    

  All too often in our modern "Forged in Fire" knife world, everybody wants information in a neat and tidy little box, all tied up in with a bow.... and can't wrap their heads around the fact that it just doesn't happen that way.  There are far too many variables from shop to shop, to make any one size fits all  "How to....".  

   Look for good things from Matt in the future, and one day to see that "MS" behind his name!   I'd also like Matt, (If you don't mind), to build and post a tutorial of his own, or even just an informational post on his methodology for creating his JS performance test blade.

  Thanks for Matt for allowing me to be a part of this important step in his Bladesmithing journey!

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Matt Kirby
Ed Caffrey, ABS Mastersmith "The Montana Bladesmith" "Nobody Cares What you Know, Until they Know You Care!"

Thank you very much Ed for taking the time to conduct my performance test!!  This has been a goal of mine since attending the basic bladesmithing course at your shop 6 years ago.  I appreciate all of the guidance and patience you've provided.

I'd be happy to put together a tutorial/informational on the process I settled on for my performance blade.  I'll post it to here and on the ABS forum when I get it finished up.'s time to start getting really serious and figure out what I want to make for a set of presentation knives

Oh, and build some damascus every chance that I get as well  🙂


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