Having Problems Purchasing?

Now that we go through Gumroad for purchases we have thankfully narrowed down the sort of issues you may be having and we also have another option for purchasing.

  1. This website was designed mainly to work in Google Chrome which you can download HERE. We have found that most of the issues of purchasing through the site are caused by other browsers.
  2. We have a profile with all of our products directly through gumroad. If you are using a different browser you are welcome to buy through our gumroad profile instead of through our website. Click here to go to our Gumroad Store

Are purchases downloadable anymore?

Not at this time. Sadly video products like ours are easy to pirate and infringe on copyright. So we offer all of our videos in a streaming service much like Amazon Prime would. You can purchase or rent your video and get it directly to your email. Watch it 24/7 365 if you purchase, or rent it for a limited time. The benefit is you can watch your videos on any device you have, and if you sign up for the gumroad app, you can get even easier access to your videos through the app.

My internet connection is slow

We can sell you a thumb drive with a minimum of 5 videos on it and have it shipped to you if you live in a rural area or have a slow internet connection. You can drop us an email at KnifeMakerTraining@gmail.com and let us know what videos you would like on your thumb drive, we will reply with a quote for the price of the thumb drive with the videos included and if you agree we will order your thumb drive and get it to you as soon as possible.