About Us

About Us

KnifeMakerTraining.com is the brain child of videographer Tim Michael and ABS Master Smith Ed Caffrey to help bring light to a hobby with very little affordable training opportunities.


The art of knife making is such a beautiful and powerful art form, but the techniques behind the craft are closely guarded by its artisans from generations past, making it very difficult to find cost effective training. Our goal as KnifeMaker Training is to fill that void with a unique, friendly, detailed series of training videos that allow all ages to move forward in a hobby/industry that deserves to live on in strength.

The team of Ed and Tim has been a perfect pairing, with Ed’s lifetime of experience and being recognized as an ABS Mastersmith, and Tim’s 10 years of experience in video production. Not to mention that Ed and Tim are related through marriage (Tim married Ed’s daughter in 2013) and enjoy hanging out together in Ed’s shop chewing the fat. The idea behind KnifeMaker Training was a topic between Ed and Tim early on in 2014, but distance became a quick issue considering Tim and Mandi (Ed’s daughter) lived in Orlando, Florida, and Ed and his wife Cindy were located in Great Falls, Montana. In March of 2017, that was remedied as Tim and Mandi relocated to Montana to be closer to her family.

KnifeMaker Training is owned and operated by Legacy Studio Productions, Tim’s videography and graphic design firm, and is filmed with Ed as its star/premiere trainer, filmed on location at the Montana Bladesmith Shop.

If you are interested in having Ed for instruction or demonstrations, please send an email to Ed at caffreyknives@gmail.com, or call him at 406-727-9102 with your questions.  Fees for demonstrations/Hammer-Ins are the same as the classes he offers on his website at CaffreyKnives.net plus travel costs.

If you are interested in hiring Legacy Studio Productions for video production, contact Tim at legacystudioproductions@gmail.com.